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Current Strategic Plan

CCRIF Strategic Plan 2018-2021

The CCRIF Strategic Plan 2018 – 2021 is being implemented during a period in which CARICOM has declared its bold ambition to make the Caribbean the first climate-resilient zone in the world. CCRIF wishes to play its part in helping our region realize this stated ambition. Thus, as CCRIF enters its second decade of operations, additional financing and capital injection will be required to support growth and to facilitate scaling up – that is increasing coverage levels amongst existing members, adding new members and offering new products.

PDF icon CCRIF_Strategic_Plan_2018-2021.pdf

Current Annual Report

CCRIF SPC Annual Report 2017-2018

The year 2017 was another defining moment for the Caribbean after suffering the devastation caused by two category 5 hurricanes – Irma and Maria – within 14 days of each other. Damage and loss due to these storms is being estimated at approximately US$130 billion and affected 18 countries, including CCRIF member countries, their populations and social and economic infrastructure. These catastrophic events resulted in CARICOM declaring its ambition for the Caribbean to become the first climate-resilient zone in the world.

PDF icon CCRIF_Annual_Report_2017_2018.pdf

Most Recent Event Report

Event Breifing - Fisheries Model - Grenada - October 4, 2019

Under the Tropical Cyclone (TC) component of CCRIF ́s fisheries model loss calculation protocol, a report is required for any tropical cyclone affecting at least one member country with winds greater than 39 mph (62.7 km/h). For Grenada, Tropical Cyclone Karen qualified as a Loss Event3 under the TC component of the country’s COAST policy.

PDF icon 20191004_CCRIF_FinalEventBriefing_COAST_GRD-TC-Karen.pdf

Current Newsletter

CCRIF SPC - E-News - September 2019PDF icon CCRIFSPC_E-News-September2019.pdf

Latest Technical Material(s)

CCRIF SPC Support for Disaster Risk Management in the Caribbean Region

This publication highlights CCRIF’s support to its members and the people of the Caribbean for disaster risk management through its Technical Assistance Programme.

PDF icon CCRIF_Support_for_DRM_in_the_Caribbean_May_2019.pdf

Other Materials

Brochure COAST-The Caribbean Oceans and Aquaculture Sustainability Facility

COAST is an innovative climate risk insurance mechanism to promote: food security; livelihoods of fisherfolk; resilient fisheries; sustainable management of coastal infrastructure; and disaster risk reduction in the Caribbean.

PDF icon CCRIFSPC_COAST_Brochure_July2019.pdf

Our Members

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