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Technical Material

CCRIF Provides Post-Sandy Assistance to Haiti, Jamaica and The Bahamas
Understanding CCRIF - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

This book provides answers to questions frequently asked by persons who wish to learn more about CCRIF and its products and services. It is an update to the publication, “A Guide to Understanding CCRIF – A Collection of Questions and Answers”.

Technical Paper Series 1 - Understanding CCRIF’s Hurricane and Earthquake Policies

Governments are often challenged with the significant task of financing recovery efforts after a disaster. Whilst dealing with the fiscal demands to undertake relief operations such as ensuring the availability of emergency assistance and sourcing funding for shelter, food and medical attention for displaced persons, governments also have to contend with the simultaneous challenge of mobilising enough resources to undertake the medium- to long-term recovery and reconstruction process.

CCRIF - A Stakeholder Analysis

This Report, “CCRIF – A Stakeholder Analysis” was prepared from information obtained through a Beneficiary Assessment of CCRIF undertaken by the World Bank in June 2011. The purpose of this Report “CCRIF – A Stakeholder Analysis”, commissioned by the CCRIF, is to expand on the results of the Beneficiary Assessment and to determine, based on members’ and stakeholders’ views, how to enhance the operations of the Facility to meet the needs of its members and stakeholders, whilst at the same time achieving the vision and mission of the Facility.

A Collection of Papers, Articles and Expert Notes - Volume 2

Second publication of technical papers and articles. Our first publication of this kind was released exactly two years ago in November 2009. This publication includes both technical papers and expert notes some of which are in the form of speeches which were delivered at meetings and conferences addressing disaster risk management and/or climate change. These papers, speeches and expert notes will help the reader and our members in general to deepen their understanding of natural hazards and catastrophe risk and the potential impacts of climate change on the region.


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