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Technical Material

A Collection of Papers, Articles and Expert Notes - Volume 2

Second publication of technical papers and articles. Our first publication of this kind was released exactly two years ago in November 2009. This publication includes both technical papers and expert notes some of which are in the form of speeches which were delivered at meetings and conferences addressing disaster risk management and/or climate change. These papers, speeches and expert notes will help the reader and our members in general to deepen their understanding of natural hazards and catastrophe risk and the potential impacts of climate change on the region.

A Snapshot of the Economics of Climate Adaptation Study in the Caribbean

This booklet provides a snapshot of some of the preliminary results of the Economics of Climate Adaptation (ECA) study. In an easy-to-understand manner using graphs, maps and diagrams, the booklet presents the following: ECA methodology Preliminary results for three of the pilot countries: Bermuda, Jamaica and Saint Lucia Analysis of the agriculture sector in Belize Case study focusing on salinisation in Jamaica.

Booklet of Questions and Answers - November 2011

Understanding how CCRIF Works and Insights into the Real-Time Forecasting System

Verifying CCRIF's Tropical Cyclone Hazard and Loss Modelling

This report provides an analysis of the behaviour of the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility‟s (CCRIF‟s) Second-generation Hazard and Loss Estimation Model (2G Model) after the 2010 Tropical Atlantic Hurricane Season.

RTFS - End of Season Report

At the start of the Hurricane Season 2010, the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility (CCRIF) provided all its members as well as many of the Region’s international development partners (IDPs) with access to its upgraded Real-Time Forecasting System (RTFS).


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