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Current Strategic Plan

CCRIF Strategic Plan 2018-2021

The CCRIF Strategic Plan 2018 – 2021 is being implemented during a period in which CARICOM has declared its bold ambition to make the Caribbean the first climate-resilient zone in the world. CCRIF wishes to play its part in helping our region realize this stated ambition. Thus, as CCRIF enters its second decade of operations, additional financing and capital injection will be required to support growth and to facilitate scaling up – that is increasing coverage levels amongst existing members, adding new members and offering new products.

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Current Annual Report

CCRIF SPC Annual Report 2016-2017

En este año, nuestro décimo año de operaciones, me complace decir que nos hemos mantenido fieles a nuestros valores y principios fundamentales. No obstante, hemos comenzado, y hasta el 2017 continuaremos, reflexionandor sobre nuestros logros y mejores prácticas, y también nos centraremos en las lecciones que hemos aprendido a lo largo de los años en el negocio de seguros paramétricos.

PDF icon CCRIFSPC_Annual_Report_2016_2017.pdf

Most Recent Event Report

Event Briefing - Excess Rainfall - Covered Area Rainfall Event - Trinidad - October 18-20, 2018

An active Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) produced prolonged periods of rain/showers and thunderstorm activity over Trinidad and Tobago. According to Government officials, due to adverse weather, Trinidad received a full month’s worth of rain during two days (October 18 and 19) alone.

PDF icon 20181018_CCRIF_XSR_EventBriefing_TTO-TRI_CARE_20181026_Final.pdf

Our Members

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