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Why Celebrate, Reflect and Launch the Future of CCRIF

Why Celebrate, Reflect and Launch the Future of CCRIF?

  • This 10-year milestone offers CCRIF a chance not only to celebrate its many successes but it also offers the facility a time for reflection - to take a walk down memory lane or simply to look back at the dedication, strategic thinking, hard work, optimism, good governance and core operational principles that have brought CCRIF to where it is today – celebrating current successes in the midst of many challenges
  • This 10-year milestone offers CCRIF an opportunity to provide new perspectives and motivation
  • It also will provide a unique opportunity to reinforce and validate the CCRIF brand
  • Focusing on the last ten years will allow clients, regional organizations, and donors to review and reflect on the service provided by the Facility over the years, to renew perspectives on the contributions of the Facility to debt and fiscal sustainability within countries, but more importantly to reflect on the results of the Facility, its contributions and the trust that as constituents they have gained in the Facility over the years
  • This celebration will demonstrate to client and donors CCRIF’s consistent leadership and affirm commitment to members in support of risk management and fiscal sustainability
  • It provides an opportunity to involve clients, donors and stakeholders to come together to play a key role in charting and articulating the CCRIF vision to 2030 – deepening and strengthening relationships
  • The celebration will create a positive environment/framework to launch new initiatives and new products

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