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CCRIF SPC UWI Open Campus Fundamentals of Disaster Risk Financing Online Course

CCRIF SPC - The UWI Open Campas DRF Course

This 40 contact hour course focuses in large measure on enhancing the understanding and use of the tools used in disaster risk financing and the important role these tools play in advancing debt and fiscal sustainability of countries; the course also explores the rationale for countries to have in place disaster risk financing policies and strategies and how these can be developed to complement countries’ comprehensive disaster risk management policies. It also introduces CCRIF SPC as the Caribbean region’s main disaster risk financing facility for parametric insurance and how parametric insurance and the models underpinning it work. Additionally, it examines the range of other ex-ante and ex-post disaster risk financing instruments and how these work alongside each other. The linkages between shock responsive social protection and disaster risk financing within the context of vulnerable populations is also explored. 


The course comprises five units as follows:
UNIT 1: The Caribbean’s Natural Hazard Landscape and Profile
UNIT 2: Introduction to Disaster Risk Financing
UNIT 3: Introduction of Integrated Risk Management and All Hazards Risk Policy Frameworks
UNIT 4: Parametric Insurance and Risk Modelling
UNIT 5: Shock Responsive Social Protection, DRM and Insurance
Closed - Online Aplication for CCRIF Scholarship - DRF SIDS Course