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Country Risk Profiles

CCRIF prepares country risk profiles for each member country for tropical cyclones, earthquakes and excess rainfall. The profiles provide an outline of the hazard characteristics and risks for the country as well as economic loss information used by our catastrophe models and include information about the models that underpin the associated products. The profiles have been designed to provide this information in a simple, accurate and robust manner covering the demographic, geological and economic characteristics of their territories, whilst at the same time assessing the impacts of historical events that may have caused damage to infrastructure, population and the economy. The profiles act as the basis for pricing for countries’ CCRIF policies
As part of its thrust to continuously improve the quality of products and services it provides to members, CCRIF makes improvements to its models from time to time based on new and emerging trends in the science of model development as well as the availability of new information and data to enhance the quality of the models and the products it provides.
CCRIF has produced new country risk profiles for tropical cyclones and earthquakes (based on the new SPHERA  model) and for excess rainfall (based on the new XSR 2.5 model). These models underpin countries’ policies for 2019/20.
The risk profiles are proprietary documents that CCRIF provides to the government of each country. If the government gives permission to make these documents publicly available, CCRIF places the profiles on the CCRIF website.
The following annexes for the country risk profiles provide information about the underlying models and the historical events database:
  • EQ Annex 1: the SPHERA Model for earthquake
  • EQ Annex 2: the SPHERA Model for earthquake  - Historical events database
  • TC Annex 1: the SPHERA Model for tropical cyclone
  • TC Annex 2: the SPHERA Model for tropical cyclone  - Historical events database
  • XSR Annex 1: the XSR 2.5 Model for excess rainfall
  • XSR Annex 2: the XSR 2.5 Model for rainfall  - Historical events database

Read more about CCRIF’s country risk profiles.

The 2013 country risk profiles for TC and EQ can be found below:

St. Vincent & the Grenadines - Country Risk Profile PDF icon St_Vincent_Grenadines_CountryRiskProfile_2013.pdf
Trinidad and Tobago - Country Risk Profile PDF icon TrinidadTobago_CountryRiskProfile_2013.pdf
Turks and Caicos Islands - Country Risk Profile PDF icon Turks_Caicos_CountryRiskProfile_2013.pdf
Turks and Caicos Islands - Excess Rainfall - Country Risk Profile PDF icon XSR_RiskProfile_TCA_v0.6.pdf
XSR - Excess Rainfall Model - Annex 1 PDF icon XSR_CRP_Annex1_XSR2.0_Model.pdf
XSR - Excess Rainfall Model - Annex 2 PDF icon XSR_CRP_Annex2_HistoricalEventsDatabase.pdf


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