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Regional Internship Application

Eligibility and Requirements

Interns must be citizens of CARICOM and/or CCRIF member countries and must be graduates of a recognized university. They must have completed a course of study in any one of the following key areas of study:

Disaster risk management (DRM) Management studies with a focus on risk management
Environmental management Environmental economics
Meteorology Geography/geology
Climate studies Actuarial science
Civil engineering or civil with environmental engineering  

Preference will be given to candidates who are recipients of a CCRIF-UWI Scholarship or a CCRIF Scholarship.

Candidates applying must have completed their first degree by the beginning date of the internship.

The internship will be for two months, with the understanding that the internship can be extended at no cost to CCRIF SPC by mutual agreement between the host organization and intern. This agreement, if put into force, will need to be communicated to CCRIF. The internship programme will be on a full-time basis. Interns will be expected to work five full days a week in the organization that has been selected for them, under the supervision of an experienced staff member. Accepted interns will be provided with a monthly stipend by CCRIF to cover living expenses.

The timeframe for the internship will depend on the requirements of the host organization and normally will be between July and November.

Applicants who are placed outside their home country will need to provide proof of health/medical insurance before arrangements can be made for the internship. Accepted interns placed outside their country will be provided with an allowance for accommodation.


English is the offi­cial lan­guage of CCRIF and therefore all applications must be submitted in English.

Selection of Interns

Selection criteria will include: academic performance, strength of letter of intent, letters of reference, proposed contribution of internship to professional and/or academic career and proposed contribution of applicant to host organization.

Contractual Terms

At the beginning of the internship, each intern will be required to sign an internship agreement and the host organization and intern will prepare a work plan for the internship period. At the end of the internship, each intern will be required to prepare an Internship Report (including photographs in jpeg format), accompanied by work products from the internship and a short video of the intern’s experience. Each host organization will be required to complete an evaluation of the intern’s performance.

Deadlines for Applications

All applications must be submitted by May 31, 2018.  Deadline extended to June 9, 2018.


* Denotes a mandatory field - your submission will not be accepted until all such fields are complete.

  • Please affix your name to each documents to be uploaded. 
  • Names of the uploaded documents must match their contents.

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