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Final Modelled Loss and Policy Payment Report - Earthquake - Nicaragua - January 6 2022

A magnitude 6.1 earthquake occurred at 16:25:07 (UTC) on 6 January 2022, 58.4 km (36.3 mi) S
of Corinto, Nicaragua; 60.8 km (37.8 mi) SSW of León, Nicaragua and 66.6 km (41.4 mi) SW of
La Paz Centro, Nicaragua. Estimates from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) located
the epicentre of the event at 11.959°N, 87.147°W, and at a depth of 26.9 km (16.7 mi). Nicaragua
was the only CCRIF member country with earthquake policy where peak ground acceleration,
computed with the CCRIF SPHERA EQ model, was greater than 0.01 g for this earthquake.