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CCRIF SPC Disaster Risk Financing Summer Course

Registration is now open

Complete an application form to register for CCRIF’s flagship course in disaster risk financing that will be delivered online over the period July 13 to August 10, 2023. The course will run for 5 consecutive Thursdays. 9:30 am - 1:30 pm (ET).

Students completing the full course will receive a UWI/CCRIF SPC Certificate and 2 credits.

Registration closes July 9, 2023.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Natural Disasters and the Caribbean Hazard Landscape
  • Introduction to Economic Theory
  • The Impact of Natural Disasters on the Economy
  • The Relationship between Disaster Risk Management and Disaster Risk Financing
  • Understanding Disaster Risk Financing
  • Disaster Risk Financing Tools – parametric insurance, CAT bonds, contingent credit facilities, dedicated reserve funds
  • The linkages between insurance and social protection strategy – case study on the Climate Risk Adaptation and Insurance in the Caribbean Project (CRAIC)
  • Introduction to CCRIF’s Parametric Insurance Policies and Models
  • Differences between Parametric Insurance and Indemnity Insurance
  • CCRIF’s Models: TC, EQ, XSR, Fisheries/COAST
  • CCRIF’s Parametric Insurance Policies
  • Overview of CCRIF’s Country Risk Profiles and Applicability to Development Planning
  • Introduction to Integrated Risk Management
  • Careers in Disaster Risk Financing and Disaster Risk Management

Part of the CCRIF Technical Assistance Programme

Free of cost

For further details, contact:

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