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How to Make a Complaint

Revised - CCRIF SPC Complaints Policy - June 2020

Complaints Protocol - Claims Administration (Revised Dec 2018)


CCRIF SPC recognizes the need for transparency and fairness in its operations. This document sets out and establishes a protocol to be followed when a complaint is received from a policyholder. In this Protocol, “complaint” means any dissatisfaction with:

  • a payout calculated by the model or 
  • the manner in which CCRIF has carried out the claims administration process

The Complaints Protocol provides a process for receiving, recording, tracking and dealing with complaints which may arise if perceived losses after an event does not result in the expected level of payouts or if, in the claims administration process, CCRIF has allegedly acted or omitted to act resulting in:

  • mistakes or a lack of care
  • unreasonable delay
  • unprofessional behavior
  • bias and
  • a lack of integrity

For the purposes of this Protocol, the following types of complaints are excluded: (Any party may file complaints of this nature by writing to the Chief Executive Officer)

  • complaints in relation to the Board or Directors, staff or service providers
  • complaints related to operations 
  • complaints disputes 
  • complaints not related to payouts or claims administration

Should a policyholder have a complaint an email should be sent to the attention of the CCRIF CEO to the email address The subject line should state the topic of the complaint and include the country name.

See full document below:

CCRIF SPC Complaints Protocol - June 2018