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On March 13, 2024, CCRIF SPC, in collaboration with the Cayman Islands Government, the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) and The University of the West Indies (UWI), launched Ivan+20 in Grand Cayman, under the theme: Ivan+20: Remembering the Past, Reflecting on the Present, and Visioning for the Future: 20 Years Since Ivan... Resilience, Adaptation, Sustainability in Caribbean SIDS.

The Ivan+20 Initiative is being spearheaded by CCRIF in collaboration with Caribbean governments and regional organizations to collectively restate our commitments to ensuring that we never forget and adopt the lessons learned from Hurricane Ivan, push forward, take charge, and create the resilient and sustainable future we want. Ivan+20 will include a year-long series of events and engage Caribbean governments, regional organizations, academic institutions, civil society organizations, the private sector, youth and children as well as the general public.

The Ivan+20 concept is therefore much more than a remembrance of Hurricane Ivan which in 2004, devastated 9 countries in the Caribbean, causing loss of life, destruction of houses and communities, homelessness, damage to infrastructure – including electric utilities transmission and distribution systems, and resulting in regional losses of over US$6 billion.

CCRIF is a by-product of Hurricane Ivan: CCRIF as an organization and the introduction of parametric insurance in the Caribbean were born out of Ivan. Following Hurricane Ivan, CARICOM Heads of Government approached the World Bank for assistance to design and implement a cost-effective catastrophe risk financing mechanism for its member governments that would enable them to access quick liquidity following a natural disaster. The analyses concluded that parametric insurance would be the most suitable disaster risk financing instrument to address this need for quick liquidity and allow governments to meet their most immediate needs following a disaster, including providing support for the vulnerable in their populations.

Planned Activities

Ivan+20 Scholarships

This year, CCRIF is offering 2 “Ivan+20” Scholarships at the undergraduate level and 2 at the postgraduate level to students from Grenada and the Cayman Islands – the two countries most devastated by Ivan 20 years ago. These scholarships are in addition to those that CCRIF provides each year to Caribbean nationals. Therefore, in 2024, CCRIF will offer a total of 16 scholarships to Caribbean nationals to pursue postgraduate and undergraduate programmes in areas of study related to disaster risk management at The UWI and other universities in the Caribbean.

Information about these scholarships can be found at:

The deadline for applications for 2024 is June 15, 2024.

Ivan +20 Introduction Video

Ivan +20 Official Launch - Cayman Islands

Back Row from L-R: Mrs. Elizabeth Emanuel, Head of Corporate Communications and the Technical Assistance Management Teams, CCRIF SPC; Mr. Timothy Antoine, Chairman, CCRIF SPC; Mr. David Maslo, Chief Risk Management Officer, CCRIF SPC; Mr. Michael Nixon, Senior Assistant Financial Secretary, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, Cayman Islands; Ms. Deneice Yarde, CCRIF SPC Board Member; Mr. Michael Gayle, CCRIF SPC Board Member; Mrs. Mariame McIntosh-Robinson, CCRIF SPC Board Member; Mr. Isaac Anthony, CCRIF SPC CEO; Mr. Kester Craig, CDEMA Deputy Executive Director; Mr. Aidan Harrigran, CCRIF SPC Board Member. 
Front Row from L-R: Dr. Beverly Shirley, Programme Officer, The University of the West Indies Global Campus; Mrs. Saundra Bailey, Deputy Chairperson, CCRIF SPC; Hon. Juliana O'Connor-Connolly, Cayman Islands Premier, and Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Education, District Administration & Lands and Cabinet Office; Mrs. Gillian Golah, Chief Operations Officer, CCRIF SPC; Mrs. Lisa-Ann Hurlston-McKenzie, Senior Policy Advisor, Ministry of Sustainability & Climate Resiliency.