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2024 Caribbean Regional Workshops

Hosted by CCRIF SPC and the World Bank with financial support from Irish Aid

Day 1 - Opening Session

  • Overview of COAST, including updates and progress
  • Understanding the COAST parametric insurance model and how COAST works
  • Questions and Answers


Presentation - A Deep Dive into COAST

Presentation - CRFM – working in collaboration with CCRIF

  • Understanding the modules that make up the COAST insurance model – hazard, exposure, and vulnerability modules
  • Data requirements from countries to build the COAST model
  • Questions and Answers
  • Review of the fisheries database which will be used as a starting point for a country-specific definition of COAST beneficiaries
  • Delivery of training on disaster risk financing, parametric insurance, and COAST and timing of COAST country missions
  • Development of the COAST Operations Manual
  • Support provided by Irish Aid to CCRIF member governments for COAST
  • Discussion on the operational aspects needed to access the funds to support COAST in the Unleashing the Blue Economy of the Caribbean project (UBEC).


Next Steps and Closing


Presentation - Tools to reduce risk and enhance resilience in Small-Scale Fisheries – COAST Insurance and FEWER

Hosted by CCRIF SPC with financial support from the European Union

Day 2  - Opening Session

  • Welcome and Opening Remarks Mr. Isaac Anthony, CEO, CCRIF SPC
  • Remarks from the European Union Ms. Virginie Andre, Programme Manager, Disaster Risk Management, Green Deal Partnership with the Caribbean, Delegation of The European Union to Barbados, The Eastern Caribbean States, OECS and CARICOM/CARIFORUM
  • Objectives of the technical workshop
  • Video presentation on CCRIF
  • Core principles underpinning CCRIF parametric insurance
  • Recap of CCRIF models
  • Parametric insurance within the context of risk layering and the overall disaster risk financing landscape
  • Overview of 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season and review of the 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season
  • Discussion/Question and Answers

Presentation - CCRIF Recap

  • Introduction to the CCRIF policy endorsements and rationale
  • Localized Damage Index (LDI) endorsement for tropical cyclone policies
  • Wet season trigger (WST) endorsement for excess rainfall policies
  • Localized event trigger (LET) endorsement for excess rainfall policies
  • Discussion on how to optimize coverage for sustainability
  • Discussion/Questions and Answers


Lucheon Presentation

Opportunities offered under CCRIF’s Technical Assistance Programme, for advancing disaster risk management, climate change adaptation and environmental sustainability in the Caribbean.

Presentation - Policy Endorsements


  • Rationale for introducing parametric insurance products for the utility sectors:
    • Electric utilities
    • CWUIC (water utilities)
  • Key features, including the elements that constitute the exposure module of the two models underpinning the products
  • The role of member governments, including ministries of finance, other ministries and agencies, as well as regulatory authorities in the operationalization of the utility products
  • Partnership arrangements employed in the roll-out of the CWUIC product
  • Discussion/Question and Answers


Presentation - CWUIC SP

  • Caribbean earthquake risk and vulnerabilities, Earthquake Unit, The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus
  • CCRIF parametric insurance for earthquakes and the performance of the model – including a case study of the Haiti 2010 and 2021 earthquakes
  • Rationale for scaling up earthquake coverage in the Caribbean.
  • Discussion/Questions and Answers


Presentation - CCRIF Earthquake Model

Presentation - Seismic Risk in the Caribbean

  • Runoff Model
  • Drought Model
  • Agriculture Model
  • Microinsurance Product – the Livelihood Protection Policy (Video Presentation)
  • Update on country risk profiles and how they can be used for development planning
  • Update on use of payouts reporting


Presentation - New Product Development

  • Timing of policy renewal meetings and roadshow 2024

Hosted by CCRIF SPC, the European Union and the World Bank

Day 3 - Opening Session

  • Welcome and Opening Remarks - Mr. Timothy Antoine, Chairman, CCRIF SPC
  • Remarks from the European Union - Mr. Felipe de la Mota, Team Leader on Regional Cooperation and Trade
  • Remarks from the World Bank - Mr. Joaquin Toro, Lead Disaster Risk Management Specialist, Urban, Resilience and Land Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Main Objectives of the Development Partner Forum


Presentation - Overview of CCRIF Strategic and Governance Framework

Presentation - CWUIC SP Governance and Partnerships


Panel Discussion – Moderated by the World Bank


Closing Session

  • Concluding Remarks
  • Looking Forward – the Road Ahead, CCRIF SPC


Luncheon Presentation - Ivan+20

Hosted by the Inter-American Development Bank and the World Bank

  • Welcome and Opening Remarks
  • Towards a common understanding of disaster risk financing
  • Overview of disaster risk financing strategies and risk financing instruments
  • Learning from regional experience
  • Next Steps: towards designing and implementing risk finance programmes
  • Closing Remarks and Acknowledgments

Presentation - IDB - Disaster Risk Financing Intruments

Presentation - World Bank - Strengthening Financial Resilience