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Map of Turks & Caicos IslandsThe Turks and Caicos Islands (pronounced /ˈtɝːks/ and /ˈkeɪkəs/ or /ˈkeɪ.koʊs/; abbreviated TCI) are a British Overseas Territory consisting of two groups of sub-tropical islands in the West Indies, the larger Caicos Islands and the smaller Turks Islands, known for tourism and as an offshore financial centre.

Name: Turks and Caicos Islands

Capital: Grand Turk

Population: 22,942 (July 2009 est.)

Area: 948 sq km

Coastline: 389 km

Density: 48 inhab/ sq Km

Religions: Baptist 40%, Anglican 18%, Methodist 16%, Church of God 12%, other 14% (1990)

Language: English (official)

Ethnics Group: black 90%, mixed, European, or North American 10%

Government: overseas territory of the UK

Currency: US dollar